The OFFICIAL "VS week"


I met my wife when she was 20. So…


I met Dutchmans mom when she was 20… wait…


Jump over the bump at the beginning instead of tire tapping it. Jump down into the hole, pop up to flat, then double the big wall instead of coming down the other side. The rest falls into place after that.


Hmm… my wife was actually 21 when we met


Haha :joy: goddamnit birdshaw :joy::joy:


Ok I’ve been taking that line all along but will never get a 21 s or a 21 of some other kind :smiley::smiley:


Any 31s?


Backscrub involved


Big wall backscrub?


Anyone get into the 29’s on Dog vs Cat?


Wow haha



@TSR_SamMeci_SD wtf!! :joy::joy: dude that was insane lol tiger vs bear.


It was totally crazy. I would like to record it.


I have a vid. Where can i upload it?


You get it up on YouTube and then link it here :blush:


I got the tracks down this week :wink: race me, I’ve previously added to one of @THR_MX_GOON losses sooo I’m kind of a big deal. @Thr_nuggets


I just uploaded and the quality is absolute trash. Any pros know how to upload in hd?


Yeah we were playing a lot of versus against each other some weeks ago. Then I started getting loads & loads of challenges and yours disappeared since only the latest 25 played/poked will show.
Right now I barely play versus but hopefully soon Ill have more time to do so


Until that time, i’m going to stack wins so when I do eventually race you, my W/L doesn’t suffer too much aha