The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Damn… that is fast!


I did actually with DU recorder. the sounds is no good. it does not have permission to record it from the phone(android) itself only from the mic.
I was gonna upload my personal best versus runs to my youtube channel if it wasn’t for the sound.


Yeah ive used that before too…even without sound i still wanna see that run haha


Oh question. From the 12 versus tracks how many are all new tracks?




Damn that ending was impressive :+1::+1:


Dude! That’s just ridiculous! :sweat_smile: jezus Christ where did you come from? :smiley: and beating zse to :scream: betting he’s gonna send you a tricky one back :sweat_smile:


@THR_Jogga72 oh yes he destroyed me on the next one. I can’t find it toh just like thr nugget and some others. I count the list and it shows 25 games I can collect and 25 that are waiting for response of my opponent know I have way more than that so I bet that’s the reason they don’t show up on my versus list right?


Yeah I think that there isn’t room for more then a certain amount of contestants. They are not gone. But I think (theoretically). Those which hasn’t played back will be sorted away. You can however go to the list where the ones you follow are and poke them, I believe, And they will appear again. (Also theoretically) I usually delete those that don’t compete against me on a regular basis.


Usually one track per week will be completely new. And I think right now its four vs tracks, four career tracks and four jam tracks.



Hey I need more people to vs in verses my username in game is Broc562
@LesterWire @YZF_JLaRue4 @THR_Birdshaw @THR_MX_GOON @THR_Doucheman @THR_Jogga72 @THR_Squid72 and anyone else I forgot thx.


@OnTheFrontLine do you live in Tennessee?


I would my dude ive just been real busy lately, havent even been grinding jam ill try to get back to you and all my other vs too.


Yeah buddy!


what is your in game name?


@OnTheFrontLine yeah bc I saw your name in Tennessee in Jam and I’m like wait a second lol. What part I live in Williamson County.


@THR_MX_GOON I sent you a challenge its Broc562


I’m in Wilson Co :+1:t2: Just north of ya :slight_smile:


Broke into the 25s :raised_hands:t2: