The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Hahaha yeah I know right :smiley:
It’s just that it hasn’t come up yet. You only get 3 tracks to choose from :sweat_smile: Unless you don’t swipe the app down and restart it. Then if you’re lucky, the track you want might come up eventually :blush: I’ll try that next.


Oooh, bug! Thank’s for the report! :troll:

I’m not actually gonna file it until I get some complaints via the support about it…


Well I wouldn’t call it a bug exactly :sweat_smile: a bug is something bad. But it wouldn’t be an option if you would be able to choose which track to play of all the weeks tracks, instead of the 3 which are randomly picked.


this falls into the “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” category. it’s always been this way and most avid players know about it.


Gesh, I need to add the :troll: to my posts. No one likes a jolk it seems…


Well you never know with you, man. You’re a Mad Skills n00b😀


True :smile:


I need to play VS more I play too much jam.


This is the closest i have gotten @THR_Jogga72


Fast or not??


did it @THR_Jogga72


At a boy :facepunch: as Kudla wpould say :sweat_smile:


Definitely fast. But you can go faster. :smirk:


My best run so far in new Versus track


And even faster :wink:


I like that the swedish smack talk field directly translates to click here to molest your opponent. :grinning:


Jesus dude tf did you do? :joy:




What the fuck haha did you record that run by any chance? :grin: thats ridiculously fast haha