The OFFICIAL "VS week"


how’s everyone doing on this one


Get a life son :sweat_smile: need to get your as out in the sun sometimes. Lol :joy: nice run :+1:


I go to the gym and golf out much more outside time do I need :joy:


Yeah yeah! But next time, try leaving your phone at home :smiley: I can go to the gym and ply mx to. :sweat_smile:


Bring your phone.


Got a insane back-scrub​:heart::heart:


improvement is this fast?


There ya go. I haven’t hit that time yet. Hate that track though.


Let’s see what @Bragstad can do with this one…


First time on this track seems fun. What’s a good time? @THR_Jogga72 @Zse743 @Matt_Kudla @mundey10 …?


Hmm almost exact same time as Punisher


Have not done a whole lot of runs on this track but it felt pretty fast. And yesterday for the first time in a while answered all challenges it actually took me a couple of days. some players have been waiting a loooong time for my response :see_no_evil:


Mr goon feel free to throw me a challenge if you need more vs :wink:


My best on this track so far, so close to a 38 time :sweat_smile:


Same here! @YZF_JLaRue4


A decent run not anything special or particularly scrubby. But how y’all doing on this one? :blush:




Improvement :smiley:

30s are definitely possible :smiley:
Up for the challenge?
@THR_MX_GOON @THR_Doucheman @Matt_Kudla @YZF_JLaRue4 @Zse743 @Solmejk @LesterWire @THR_TacoBandito


Ill give it a shot


You should send me this challenge lol. Instead you send one on one of my fav tracks :thinking:
where I still got destroyed by @Zse743