The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Mine is 28.872. Just a few runs. Less than 50 :grin:


putting in times for Random opponents when I got matched up against myself :joy:

Edit: could not race against my own run. It would only send me to the track I picked without a time to go against. I deleted the challenge and now everytime I open versus I see my own deleted challenge -.- … so I press OK it goes away. next time open versus it’s there again. close game, still there. reboot phone, still there eheheh


@hyarion. Come oh, this one seems new.


Felt fast, but don’t know what fast is on this track


Yup that is really really fast. Don’t think I’ve hit that yet.
Edit: just did 28.147


close one!


My best as of now, pretty good


not Perfect but the best I’ve had so far


will a bike with less acceleration accel less during a nose wheelie or will every bike accelerate at the same rate during a nose wheelie?


I think the reason that the nose wheelie trick works is that the limit on the back wheel that governs the speed simply isnt there. Therefore a bike 1 should boost aswell as bike 11 provided they enter at the same speed.



Caps tax


Am I cool yet?


Still Pretty warm :joy: and I know that bragstad has done a ~29.5 ish. Or was it zse :thinking: well probably both of them :sweat_smile:




Here are some of mine from this week. @cREED22, I don’t think I can touch that time on reindeer run!


Is this fast?


How’s everyone doing on this track.


That’s only part of the story
Another reason nose wheelies works is that we removed the friction for the front wheel on bike 11 to make the bike faster even without wheeling on the rear wheel.


I did some magic on the server, hopefully it will stay deleted now :slight_smile:

If not, send me a pm


Creepin towards that 18. Missed that last scrub or this run probably would have been it.