The OFFICIAL "VS week"


That one is nice. Pretty hard though :thinking: good job :blush:


I have fallen for this track. Might be possible to go under 30s, but not by much. This was almost a perfect run with backscrub first jump and scrubbing the finish jump perfectly. Had my moments over the whoops sections (my nemesis). But overall like I said almost perfect :ok_hand: :blush:


Fun track, didn’t scrub everything, the run was alright, 29.5 and under is possible, I’ll be going for that


Well what do you know! Here he comes to reck the day :sweat_smile: I actually thought my run was good. You must have at least scrubbed the beginning and the end right?
Damn you that is so fast :smiley:


What are you talking about he didnt scrub anything, that run was just a warm up for him


This track can easily be done under 50. Easily :blush:


Haha Lol :joy:


28 might be possible


Jesus Christ!! U guys are insane! Did u know? :sweat_smile:


Only if I got the last scrub :pensive: I had a good pace going


Well that would have taken away almost 0.3-0.4 Jesus son! Craziness! :joy:


Can’t remember if I’ve uploaded this or not, oh well



That track Sounds like it SUCKS!


27 is done by solyone against me long time ago :blush:


It’s actually the “wire”that makes it so great :grinning:


Um good luck @THR_Jogga72 hahaha


vs in bmx2 pls :face_with_monocle:


How’s everyone doing on this one


You! How the hell? What line do u take. Show video :smiley: