The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Ok guys time for some action here. :smiley: anyone done a 24s run? @Dqvee @LesterWire @THR_KingT72 @mundey10 @Matt_Kudla @Bragstad @Mieszko @YZF_JLaRue4 @Zse743


I really need to get back to vs. Havnt played in so long it feels like


Ah Kaboom


Another good tight race between the Baker and me :blush:


Great :+1: now son! u need to start upload vidz :blush:


Dude nice brake scrub. :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Thanks​:blush: what’s a brakescrub though? :thinking: or do u mean the scrub “The Baker” pulled of, which gave him the win?


First one to hit a 25s wins.
Robots can’t play though @Bragstad @Zse743… Etc.
@THR_Jogga72 @mundey10 @THR_Doucheman
Um I’m not gonna put everyone else but yeah go kill it you know who you are


Oh I thought you were in front. Yeah it’s a scrub but you brake as your front wheel goes over.


Haha I’ve said it before I’m no longer racing versus :sweat_smile: so good luck on the challenge :+1::grinning:


Oh my bad sorry dutchy


Holy crap.
I win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Theres a video too, like if you wanna see it hahaha


Still can’t belive my eyes :cold_sweat: thats actually a 25 wow


Put up the vid u crazy bastard :sweat_smile: how did u do that!? Lol :joy:



That run was knarly


Dang! Great run man :smiley:


Yeah baby


That’s my best on that one
Hey @JoeW723 can we put the track Wolf Pack in the next versus or whenever we can pleaseee


It’s in there now! Along with some Jam tracks that have never been in the rotation yet. Enjoy!