The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Well what do you know! Here I managed to get the fastest time I’ve set so far on this god forsaken track! 28.1s. Sent it to bragstad thinking I might have a chance to win this one! Yay! :smiley:
But nooo nooo then he had to go and make a freakin 27s!!! Whyyyy!!! Damn u @Bragstad :rage: LOL :joy:
Sometimes you’re just to much of a Pro man! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was wondering who would pull a 27 first. My bets were on braggy or Zach.


My Buddy ”The Baker” and i did a really fast run on Fat Skinny last week. He managed to record it. Its a race where I think he did a 19.167 and I did a 19.302. I guess a lot of you guys have done similar times or faster. But we wanted to share this with you guys. Cause we think y’all are awesome :smiley::smiley:
Enjoy :wink:




Oh boy aren’t you the quick learner :joy:


I guess I didn’t lose my mojo. :joy:


Guess not :sweat_smile: good run man :blush:. Question, has anybody done a time under 19?


Ive done Dutchmans mom in a time under 19


Man, looking back I haven’t been taking many screenshots lately. I hit a 25.1 and yes a 24 is definitely possible. Didn’t get a pic of that one.

Sixfoot hit an 18 on Fat Skinny a few months back.

I think @Bragstad hit a 31.6 against me on Cain vs Able. I have hit a few 31.7’s

@LesterWire, I hit a 27.9 on Sugar vs Spice on November 19th. May have been first :sunglasses: But I think Pat hit a 27.6 or .8
Nice time on Fat Skinny :facepunch:t3:


I knew 27s were possible, it was just hitting it all right. Nice job. I don’t think I ever got under .1 or .2


Yeah? Bet she still said you were the best she’s ever had huh :facepunch::clap::+1::sweat_smile:


Well duh!


You got it laid out for you :sweat_smile:


Duuuuude. Laid down a heater.


Yeah I tasted it, and I say! To hot to handle :smiley::+1:


Nosewheelie action


Seriously man :dizzy_face: you’re killing us other mortals. Fucking robot :robot:
:sweat_smile: how the hell do u expect us to compete with that. Oh but u don’t do u :joy: good job champ :+1::facepunch:


I miss the original bike 11 where you could seat bounce over that first little table on “wise up”. Now it’s a tiny bit slower and you can’t get the speed to do it.


Could still improve, not the best of starts, but i couldn’t get the end any better


For fuck sake!! :scream: what is wrong with you.! We struggle so hard just to get a fuckin 32s and u go and throw down a 31s and say that it’s not perfect. Jesus! :sweat_smile:

Hum, can I adopt you Zach LOL :joy::joy::joy: