The OFFICIAL "VS week"


I think that I’m not sure :blush: maybe it’s a tie which is faster? Or it’s a matter of whom does the riding? :thinking::sweat_smile:


It might lie in the rest of the track, which time you’ll get. For instance that slow down wall?? :smiley:


Braggy got a 28.1 against me on it. Doing the line I used in the run I sent you.


Been trying to jump the wall, like if u scrub after the small whoops wheeltap for a triple then jump over.


Yeah I want to race as well, I’ve always wanted to get beat by this noob :joy:


I finally found you man, I replied


How’s everyone doing on this track


Beat my best by .1. Damn you.


Tough talk :smiling_imp:


I’ll give it a go. Did u go on top of the first table? Instead of over it? Can’t remember :sweat_smile:


Yep. Brake scrub up onto the first table, then ride out tables.


Took the Kudla scrub line, :smiley:


I’m starting to think they’re all pretty even depending on how well you do them.


Yeah I’m with you there bro :+1::blush: especially if u hit the wall right.


New personal best. :grinning:


27 is possible. :grinning:


Oh yeah! Nice :+1:


I think I did a WR or has anyone done better on this one? :smiley: @LesterWire @YZF_JLaRue4 @Mieszko @THR_KingT72 @Bragstad @Blucru562 @Matt_Kudla @mundey10 @THR_Sam27 @Dqvee


Nice time


This was not a clean run, I actually think 24 is possible…