The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Hi guyssssssssssss


Yoooo i was wondering who the new guy was who showed up ahead of me on track 2 all of a sudden :grinning:


Its still me dutchmaster


Ooooh just second account haha… Don’t mind the part where i said you were ahead of me on track 2 btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i just beat you on my way home :grinning:


Oh shi!


Dont worry i getting u again


Playing on the iphone is way better then playin on the android


I feel like it is too whenever I use my friends phone I feel a little more controlled


Sugar vs spice is one of mine too. So many line options in the beginning that I forgot which was the fastest. :joy:


Is there anyway you can fix this? Because I wanna best ZSE and go undefeated against him


Need to poke him in order for him to see it


Yeah I like that one to :+1::blush: I go with the line that makes you go long towards the washboard whoops instead of landing the downhill before. Feels slower. :blush: if you know where I mean?


Dude, I feel like iPhone better too.


You got high dreams there bud😜


I’m highly offended man :tired_face: jk


Jump the first table, jump the second table, kudla scrub, wheel tap over to the big jump. If you land right you fly through the whoops.

Edit: I think I got mid 28s with that line.


I actually think my line is faster. Cause mine wasn’t clean


Send me vs pip :blush:


Mid 28 :blush: with my line. It’s faster :blush:


You sure? :smirk: