The OFFICIAL "VS week"


‘Twas a beautiful run!


Fun track when you figure it out


I don’t think that I’ve done better before on this one. Got the scrubs on every jump :blush:


You’re a scub on every jump.


Lol :joy: I don’t even know what that means. But since you’re my hero I trust u with that it means something good and kind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and if it doesn’t? Well fuck u birdie :fu::sweat_smile: hahaha


Felt like it was fast


Anyone have a faster time on Going Up?


I’m not far behind you now @bragstad this wasn’t even clean but had a bad as nosewheelie :sweat_smile:


This weeks best times for me :blush:


What was the record for this track?


Goddammit @BWR_moto ya fucker! I don’t do vs. STOP POKING ME!


22.3 something is What i managed to dig up as the fastest time so far on this track which I think was built by @LesterWire?? :thinking::smiley:


At least it’s easy to go under 23 if u can make the “jump” :blush:


Ahhhhooooo… :confused: okey



Emoji tax


Hey btw is there a way to look and see all of the badges on here?


Click on the 3 stripes next to your profile pic and then on the button called badges


It is in fact my track. I think my second or third I ever made. Sorry guys. :joy:


Haha don’t apologize! I love your track :blush::+1:


Hi hi hi