The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Guys i’m honestly sorry for that one. Never in my life thought it would actually make vs. :joy::joy:


Of course you’re behind this one u bastard :sweat_smile: JK I secretly love this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good job :+1:


Yeah this one is a bitch :smiley: I managed a “Lucky run” . Still like half a sec behind you @Zse743 but fast for being just human :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am so badass I got a top 5 time with bike 7, I am beginning to think that I am truly not human :joy:


Took you long enough :joy:


WTH I have to go watch that. And yea what took you so long


I know you can beat me on bike seven but there’s just no way you can to them guys :sweat_smile:


Yeah I was blinded for so long :joy::joy::joy: I have come to the realization though so no need to worry :joy:


My bet is on you for this next world championship but who knows. Guys. We should make a thread just for zse gloat hahaha


I wouldn’t doubt it, him and dj auzzi are about the fastest in the game


Let’s be real here… Zse is definitely faster than auzzi and always has been… Last world championship auzzi knocked him out of the tournament with a run that involved a shitload of luck (and on a track that involved a shitload of luck) :grimacing:


Zse has gotten a lot faster though from what I can tell since last championship


Haha that doesn’t mean he wasn’t already faster back then :grinning:


Oh yea for sure he is faster. He has beat some of these guys by over half a second. He had it last year just got into that crazy track and knocked him out


Go back and look at jam just about everyweek he has #1


Anyone else done a 35 on this one? :smiley:
I mean it’s just 0.001 from 36 but its still a 35 :sweat_smile:


Not sure about Braeden. I’ll give that one a go shortly.
Now that Zach appears to be MIA at the moment, I’ll start posting my good times again.


Might be my pb


Dude that is some serious times you’ve set there boy! :smiley: