The OFFICIAL "VS week"

Alright everybody!
Just throwing out a bone here.
Since we have an official jam week, i thought it would be fun to do the same for all the players who loves to VS as much as i do. Feel free to brag over your fastest time on a track ( with screenshot or vidz ). Maybe we could even have someone from the staff to look up world records for comparing😊


I’ll go first.
Managed to get a really lucky superfast run on “Fuzzly”. Does anybody know the fastest run on this track (worldrecord) or has anyone done better? Feel free to share.:+1:

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got a 39 :grimacing:


Wait a minute! Bike 12 hasn’t been released yet😆
But seriously you are insane on the bike😀
Must be a WR! Would Love to see a replay of that run👍

I’ll never pull of such a lucky scrub again as I did here…


Wow, thats really fast. Impressive​:grinning::+1:
U must have scrubed all the jumps including the last one, right?

No, just this :blush:


Thats one hell of a line i would never even had conscidered to take. I will now though😊 Well done👍

So here is one pretty good time for “Open it up” without backscrub at u all know which jump, But frontscrubing!,and kind of shooting of from the whoops. Has happened once before but never this fast though😁
I know there are guys out there who has done a much better time on this track. Well now is the time to deliver and share​:blush::+1:

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That was sweet!!

i will win you

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Ha ha​:blush: Yes u sure will, that was as i said a lucky ride​:blush: And last time i checked u where leading 13-11 against me so… :blush::+1:

We have a world record now!!:joy:
Set by me on the track i designed and Rcboxer built “Cheops VS El Castillo”.
The world record for now is (39.734 sec).
If u wanna claim the title. Beat that and post it here.:+1:
Otherwise i will stand with the BELT! :grin:

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Ok I’m not! WR holder anymore on my track😭 Damn u @Bragstad for Killing me😂
Old WR=39.047(Bragstad).
New WR=38.584 (Bragstad). :+1:

Hahah sorry buddy, but this is my best time on that track i think

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Damn!!:joy:Thats crazy. I figured that a time right under 39! would be possible but you’re not far from going under 38!!!:grin:Good job!
U must have made a perfekt run over those razorsharp whoops.

Hahah yep, hit those whoops close to perfect

Amasing! :grin:I just can’t get them whoops any good at all!:grimacing:

yo i sent you a challenge lets gooooooooo accept that shite

I cant find that challange, try to send a new one and ill accept