The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR


You are more than welcome on the pink side, allthough @TSR_SamMeci_SD secretly loves pink.


you are lied, i dont like pink.


@THR_Birdshaw sorry dude I’m like a cheap whore I jumped at the first oppotunity :joy:


There is always room for a change.:wink: But have fun at TSR​:+1:


I think he does :smiley: hahaha


He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on😜


TOP 10 WEEK 164 tsr


Hey sam I was wondering if i could join TSR, I completed the track slip and slide under 32 seconds. It was 31.8 something. So can I join?


sure. can you say to @THR_Birdshaw your new name in game.


Top 10 TSR WEEK 165


Top 10 week 166 TSR


Is top one also TSR, otherwise only top 9
:grinning: :yum::smile:


Nice observation, Pitti.

@TSR_SamMeci_SD, you’ve got some explaining to do :wink: :smile:


he is new member of TSR


Dudes fast


@THR_Birdshaw what would happen if I left THR FOR TSR​:joy::joy:


Surely he would start crying :cry:


:joy::joy::joy: @THR_BLISSY52 ur time on flat tire fast man!!!


Yh is good like that track not having the same luck with dog house tho


I just set a decent time on dog house, first day I have really played, I’m really struggling on flat tire with the step up