The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR


What about top 10 THR.


Is my name Ganna be changed soon


As soon as @THR_Birdshaw has time, your name will be changed.




Do you have facebbok acount? You can join to Group of facebook


Nah I only have Instagram go on mad skills and look at the number 26 spot in the world


In jam


I have a 1:28.951 time


well done my friend


Thanks what is your time





I got my name changed to TSR_Bdog55_FL


well. if you can beat your time your name will change in current jam week. else next jam week you are in top 10 TSR.


Yea I been trying lol not doing so great :grinning:


tOP 10 TSR - JAM WEEK 194


Dang it I wish I beat me time because I would have been first


hello I would like to enter your clan my nickname is lopitejo



Claro. Puedes solicitar tu nuevo nombre. Siempre que puedas vencer slip & slide con menos de 32 segundos. Voy a verificar tu tiempo.