The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR


Top 10 TSR jam Week 185


Top 10 TSR


TSR is currently leading. Hahaha


Yes once asked for a change of name to leave the team, nobody likes cheaters


I remember. @THR_Birdshaw can you help?


I have made sure It’s all taken care of.
The tag is off, his time deleted and his user banned for a year.


Top 10 Jam week 187


Top 10 TSR Jam week 188


you took 10th position, maybe last week was insane and tricky


last week i was some busy. thist week i `m play BMX 2. but i cant beat a track.i have bike 4.


Top 10 TSR Jam week 189


Top 10 Jam week 190


Top 10 Jam week 191


Top 10 TSR Jam Week 192




Can I join your team I’m 68th in the world and 22 in my country my overall time is a 1:29.681 in jam right now


Sam, that’s a fine talent up there. With such additions, soon you’ll be off Top 10 and then you’ll be running weekly Jam Top 20 :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:


Sure. You are wellcome. :hugs:.
what is your niclname in game.?


Bdog_154 but I will want it to be TSR_Bdog55 or TSR_Bdog55_FL

The OFFICIAL name change request thread

And yes I am a he and I will like my name to be TSR_Bdog55 or TSR_Bdog55_FL