The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR


Wtf xenon just sending it eh. Join thr rn I’ll Change ur name to THR_sendit


its truw history.


Well you need to get your Mexican citizenship first soooo


Yeah last week and now this week my throttle has stuck on :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What are you supposed to do with teams?


Idk orgys n stuff




Hey guys. I would like to join. Got invited by Jason/TSR_Havana14.


Sure. what its your name in game. And your new name in game.


Same as here: MaxxPower


Change name of MaxxPower to TSR_MaxxPower


Is it MaxxxPower or Maxxpower though haha cause your forum name has xxx and the name you said was with xx :grinning:


Oh! My bad. 3 x. MaxxxPower :confounded:



Hahaha this is confusing the crap out of me :joy::joy::joy: @THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine you guys figure it out! :grinning:


My bad my bad hehe

How do I change the name?


Ok.yourself change your name in The OFFICIAL name change request thread


You don’t :grinning: just wait for @THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine they’ll change it for you when they have time :+1:


I disagree :tongue:

Did he beat Slip and Slide in less than 32 seconds? :wink:


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