The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR


Aqui el nuevo Equipo – Here new Team || TSR Riders

Mad Skill MSMX & MSBMX Spanish

Why does every team have to be a copy of TCR? can’t u make a team without 3 uppercase letters that starts with T?


Son las siglas de Equipo es como un estándar.


TSR= Team Spanish Racers?


Yea, well some members dont speak spanish


Well it is a Team… And what we do is Racing… :grimacing:


@Steve-ox i’d say @Kipketer has a point there haha


Nice bro!! Keep growing teams!! That’s good ALL FUN!!! :+1::+1::+1:



Tienes q empesar cambiando tu nick con el TSR_ para representar tu team!!!


Lots of teams start with T. Ever heard of T.EAM H.onda R.acing .


Can I get you some water? I think you might need it to treat the burns.




Team super sachachin Racing


How are your team doing Sam? :slight_smile:


hi, its ok.
well its have litles member.


Alright! Nice no matter how many you are.
All Fun! :sunglasses::muscle:



I hate to be like unfaithful or show lack of loyalty but, I am gonna have to ask about switching teams. I wanna be with TSR… We can slowly rule the MSM World!


No beef. Have fun.