The official TM sign up thread

Welcome to the Team

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Hey bud Chizel here
Can i join you’re team

Yes you can. @Chizler.
What do you call yourself in the game?
And how would you like to have a new name?
TM _ ???

I am Chizler

I am groot

Neuer TM Fahrer möchte sich anmelden

This is only an example.
If you like this type of TM plate, you can get one.

-Edit: This plate is forgiven.

New :bike:
SkyoXx -> TM_SkyoXx-YT

New :bike:
Mumanddadrock -> TM_Goody2004

New :bike:
robby4oneil -> TM_robby4oneil

I have made my new acc
I just need birdshaw to change my pfp on mad skill’s to the TM Team plate

Can you help him?
TBRT_Shucks -> TM_Shucks
Please change his name @THR_Birdshaw.

Nur zur Erinnerung
KTF_cjkg53 -> TM_cjkg53
Gangstermotor17 -> TM_KGJK777
Thx Birdshaw


Follow me on mad skill’s mx2
And send me a race so I can follow yu


My in game name is TBRT_Shucks

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New :bike:
Ajpiacentine -> TM_Ajpiacentine

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I think that the official colors of the TM_Team
Should be black and green
So that mean like green wheel colors
And black bike theme and black rider color

The color has no meaning.

You can choose your motorcycle in the color of your choice.

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Your boi just got user of the month

Can you change my gamer tag? My current gamer tag is KTF_cjkg53 I would like it to be changed to (TM_cjkg53)