The official TM sign up thread


what happened, why go out.


If you are interested just contact us here


Hey there, can I please join the TM team? My current name is EEL0TT_73 (zero not O). Do I have to change my name in the other thread or can I do it here?


Welcome to the team.
Should your user be taken over?
or do you want to choose another?

Birdshaw will change that for us.


TM_EEL0TT_73 is perfect thank you


Okay, that’s good if it fits.


Hello @THR_Birdshaw
A name has changed.
We do not know, why.
Could you please take a look

Thank you my friend

original message:

Excuse me sir i am a new member here remember when you changed my name from dubstepgutter to TM_GETTER? why is my name changed to theydream? Is that a bug or something?


@TM_Desperados May i join the team, my current name is THR_NZG63


Welcome to the TM_Team.

Do you want your name to stay that way, or do you want another one?


Okay, I’ll take her current name


Can I join the team my name is petcow824


Yes you can, welcome in Team


(\Vfø is not everything. :no_entry:

They are just as good, if not better.

because we love the game and have passion.



Hi, can i join the team pls, would like TM_KraTzy


Yes, you can join the team.
Welcome to the Team

Could you change that for us?
KrazyT —-> TM_KraTzy


New :bike:
wj1 —> TM_wj1
New :bike:
chrisdeboer —-> TM_chrisdeboer


Hoeveel heb je vaan Holland, broer.


Are represented from many countries.
in the team.
many of … NL 20 / US. 10


New :bike:
Fritsman—-> TM_Fritsman


New :bike:
M1stry —-> TM_M1stry