The official TM sign up thread


@THR_Birdshaw it shows up as LP instead of TM




Too much wine and baguettes. All cleared up.


Thanks lol


Who likes to join the TM_Team


I do!!!

I have asked to change my name in TM_Jamopa


Leuk om je te zien.
Welkom bij, TM - Team.

They can change the name please, thank you.
Jamopa >> TM_Jamopa


Eerste keren op het forum voor mij. Wel leuk.


I want to join can I get my ingame name changed to TM_Braaap28 @TM_Desperados thank you


they are welcome to join TM

as is their present name, because of change


So I can join my name right now is Savage0428


I just see that they have their own team,
with these names.
they would like to join my team or is it lapsed.

Savage0428 >> TM_Braaap28


No I have my own team but thank you


OK Good.
Then I wish you a lot of luck with your new team.

Who likes, may join my team . TM -Team .


Do it, be a TM … yoda.



no it is lapsed sorry about the confusion



This is the life of a star, I always ride motocross, every day.
If you turn right it gets loud.
Who loves his cross, pushes.
Who honors them, drives in the TM team !


Can I be apart of this team please? TM_Speediskey28


Yes, you are welcome in TM team


Fun must be too … ™ :rofl:
You should not play Madskills this way because the risk of injury is too high.

…TM_Desperados …™…
… Plays MadSkills Motocross 2 …
Who likes, can see it. :computer: