The official TM sign up thread

Would I be able to be TM_Shucks ?

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Yes :+1:
Welkom, TM_Shucks


@TM_Desperados can I please join the TEAM please my current name is GG_xXBKRONXx I want to change it to TM_xXPARALLELXx

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Welcome to the Team

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Hey bud Chizel here
Can i join you’re team

Yes you can. @Chizler.
What do you call yourself in the game?
And how would you like to have a new name?
TM _ ???

I am Chizler

I am groot

Neuer TM Fahrer möchte sich anmelden

This is only an example.
If you like this type of TM plate, you can get one.

-Edit: This plate is forgiven.

New :bike:
SkyoXx -> TM_SkyoXx-YT

New :bike:
Mumanddadrock -> TM_Goody2004

New :bike:
robby4oneil -> TM_robby4oneil

I have made my new acc
I just need birdshaw to change my pfp on mad skill’s to the TM Team plate

Can you help him?
TBRT_Shucks -> TM_Shucks
Please change his name @THR_Birdshaw.

Nur zur Erinnerung
KTF_cjkg53 -> TM_cjkg53
Gangstermotor17 -> TM_KGJK777
Thx Birdshaw


Follow me on mad skill’s mx2
And send me a race so I can follow yu


My in game name is TBRT_Shucks

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