The official TM sign up thread


All are welcome in New Team TM

Manager TM_ Desperados
The TM Drivers will follow soon.


TM_gradsterz s’il vous plait ^^


you are in, welcome gardsterz in Team TM.




What does TM stand for? Standard question that I’m curious to know with every new team haha


TM is also a motocross brand.
Here TM stands for, - (Team Motocross)


Would be cool if I could be apart of this team! Thank you!


They can join the team TM


Ok would u be able to change my name?


@THR_Birdshaw can do that if he manages to find some time between eating baguettes and drinking wine in France :grinning: otherwise @OnTheFrontLine will get you set up! :+1: You do need to say your current name and what you want it to be before they can though


My name now is THR_duke724 and I’d like to change it to TM_duke724


My name is GhostHacker217 and would like it to be TM_GhostHacker217


They are also welcome to TM team


How long before my name is changed on the game?


find out
Only 15 characters are allowed


I thought is was 17




Nah it’s a 15 character limit… And if i understood the post birdshaw made correctly then he already changed it… For it to show up on the leaderboards you need to improve your time first. :+1:


Hmm… not sure if fucked up. What is your Twitter handle?