The Official Time Attack Week

So they want to join the teams together and make all of you HDR?

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yeah, exept i will join WFO hopefully once i get proof

@WFO_SonicSpeed what do you think i should do?

Uhhh I’m not totally sure. I’m gonna talk to Evans and Tozzy and see what their plans are and then I’ll get back to you.

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ok, did you ask your brother about his opinion?


Yeah I did. He said that he didn’t really mind and would go with whatever you decided to do.

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ok i dont want the team to fold but i want him to have resources that DTR did not have. i will let Tozzy know hey what does he want his name to be? @WFO_SonicSpeed

Just Chungus again

ok will do!

hey i got a name layed out i think i need to be WFO_TopGear what do you think? @WFO_SonicSpeed

Sounds great! I hope you make it in :wink:

yeah man all i got to do now is just get top 25 this week and then maybe i will get in.

@WFO_SonicSpeed check the thread that says is WFO accepting people i got top 25 today and so i have gotten top 25 3 weeks in a row!

i thought it meant finishing the week in the top 25 though

I think it does. Not sure if you actually made it @Thr_Dtr218 sorry :pensive:

Ok thanks

Did you guys get the first helmet on daily dash because for me it’s not even showing

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What, the game mode or the helmet itself? If the game mode isn’t showing, update your game. If it’s the helmet, then make sure u have 5 points

No it’s the helmet and I have 5 points