The Official Time Attack Week

we each week will be racing new career tracks and seeing who has the fastest time how it works is simple if you race the track which this week is Braap you come back here and comment your name so others will know who to try and beat.


Whyyyyyy. I hate Braap.
Ah well I’m still in the lead right now, I’ve got a 13.891, I’m WFO_Sonicspeed.

yep i was 13.5 on the 31 and then realized it would be deleted the next day. next was ninjitsoo which was a 26.192 it was really fast faster than WFO_ZSE743 old time.

My best on Braap was two months ago and I had a 13.4 something. I want to beat that this month though.

New best on Braap.

ok, i will play the game now that i’m done with school. thats fast! @WFO_SonicSpeed

@WFO_SonicSpeed check ninjitsoo and see if you can beat my time. its not that good

I beat your time on braap. @WFO_SonicSpeed

@sheeps the new track we are racing is ninjitsoo

@sheeps what was the guys name again? i want to make sure i type it right im pretty sure its GuguD but i cant find the chat you made for that so i cant check.

Yes it is GuguD

ok thanks! and i just raced him hes pretty fast, hes the fastest now by a little bit.

hey sheeps look at the helmet im trying to get into the game for team owners.

this is the one for Team WFO. sick right @WFO_SonicSpeed

Yeah that’s really dope. I don’t think they’ll put it in though, people have tried before and it hasn’t worked unfortunately.

Hey @Thr_Dtr218 I think you tried to change my name from GuguD to DTR_Hooligan and I don’t think it worked or does it just take a while?


Yes I noticed that. You were DTR_Hooligan earlier in the day yesterday but then you got changed back to GuguD for some reason.

i dont know i will check on it.

@WFO_SonicSpeed @Adam_Dorrance HDR has offered to join teams and i dont know what to do, half of the team wants to if do you think it would be smart to do that? also sheeps pls ask your brother what he wants to do. thank you guys

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