The official THR sign up thread


Did you ever get added?


@THR_Birdshaw posted on the official thread for name change. By the way how do we change our names in the forum?


That’s a good question. I was just trying change mine yesterday.


Thats what the mods are here for :slight_smile:


wheres the Team Harambe Racing logo



Edit: Photoshop level over 9000 artwork by @THR_Birdshaw so credits should go to him



Well Mr.Mod can you change it to THR_KingKnobby? Would really appreciate it sir you are a scholar and a gentlemen :monkey_face:


WOW! That’s clearly made by a true craftsman! A Photoshop wizard if you will.


Kip can you change my FORUM name to THR_f1ftyone so it matches my IGN? Thanks bruhp.


Yes, thanks :)… i improved my result to 1:58… so i got in :blush:

Btw, i also got into the fb group, even though i don’t spend much time there.


Cool now my name is kingknubby apparently :joy:


It’s gonna be THR_KingSTFU if theres any more lip!


I always thought Denmark was neutral :joy:


Mods, please change my forum name to THR_chykason_NG to match my ingay name :wink:


When have we ever been neutral. We’re always war around the World.


my name is haz210


Awesome! Welcome. I must say, however, that the constant is THR… what it stands for is subject to change daily.


Funniest team name I’ve seen in a while and that logo :joy::joy::joy:

Absolutely fabolous!


What I like is the special turbo you get when you join the team… finally, after 9 weeks (and a few months before that) I returned to division 1 :smile: from 10th…