The official THR sign up thread


THR life

Hi I would like to join

My name is:


maaaan i wanna return to THR :sweat_smile: is that ok with u guys? :wink:
if so then my current ign is: BWR_BJRKS


Still accepting?

Always champ. But our fearless prickly baby bottom faced leader is either still raging or is hungover from the WC lastnight lol he’ll get you set up when he recovers :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: sounds good! thanks man!

Birdturd was waaaaasted on stream Haha


I saw a little of it but fell asleep lol

Fuck you Taco!
And welcome @Surflexx
Ive added a THR tag to your name.

sick! thank you!
Do i change my in game name? or do you have to do that?

in game name is HR160

Oh goddammit! I thought it was surflexx. Now that idiot is in THR.

Well… fixed it.

You can join us on facebook at THR - Super Secret Public Page

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shit sorry, should have said something ahead of time :joy:
thanks man!

What a moron. :joy::joy:

I would like to join!

Yeah for sure

Thaks a lot!!
How do I change my profile pic to have the logo on it?

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How could I change my name


That’s how it works
Copy picture to picture.

In zwitter / Facebook picture change.
Then log in with these.

Hola quisiera ser THR_santy_arg