The official THR sign up thread


Can you sign me up? I think you already changed my name :slight_smile: but thanks anyway! Btw my tag is either THR_Falken18 or freepats @THR_Birdshaw


All you needed was the name change. Welcome


How many players you guys have now??? :joy::joy:


dont worry about it, ur not good enough for thr


183 is the latest count (done by me just before posting this)


I posted this 20 day ago :joy:


Who tf are u?


How do i join THR


Only THR_Birdshaw can do that


Only THR_Birdshaw can do that for you
If he sees it, he will contact you…


Ok thx


Change my name please… My name THR_Iannone. Change KTM_Kanishka… help me brother please…


Hi guys! Can i join your group? Really want to be a part of THR. I play well (not like zse but still normal)


what name do you want to change to?
max 15 characters




@Motocrossman77… Welcome! :call_me_hand::laughing:


Am i with you?)
Hi Sam)


Where the fuck have you been Thammy? Did you compete in the 2nd week of the 5th anniversary jam? @THR_Sam27


Hello, I would like to join the THR community, to be true I have no idea how to write a 400 word application, hopefully I will be accepted without doing this) My nickname in MSM2 : TrollMaster14
I am from Russia and 99% I am in top 3 in my country, usually number 1. If there is any other information needed feel free to get in touch with me via:
Instagram: dimakruk69
Discord: DimaKruk69

That probably it, hope to get a spot!
Good day all.


I can already recognize her name change.
DimiKruk :+1:
I wonder if Birdshaw made these changes.

Not with our colleagues and friends here.
which were put before him. :woozy_face:

Bird, we like you.
but only the early bird catches the worm. :dove: :rofl: