The official THR sign up thread


Its a system thing. It will keep your old name untill you beat your own current jam time. Otherwise it will update tomorrow with the new jam round


Damn, i set some good times this week!!! thanks though, appreciate it


Your times all stand. Just under your old name. Its fine


Thanks Branshaw!! I see it change inside the race but not on leaderboards - im sure it will update itself in time :slight_smile:


Can you add my best friend too. His name is Robrs83. Can you please change to THX_RobRS

thanks birdshaw


Can I join in??? I think I’m fast enough for it. If I can, I wanna be called THR_Blu3



Can I join please? my ingame name is DERREZEDX but can you change it to THR_Banano. My time on brap is 14.7 secs lol


Would love to join,
Current name: RaiderRider89
new name : THR_Ski_Mask


Good to go :slight_smile:


Tanks :hugs:


Done. Welcome


Thanks dude!!


Could you re-up this??


Can I get in and if so can my name be THR_Doyle? I’m currently Tomcatz and I hate it


I changed your name for you. You should see the new name next time you play. Just note that you will need to beat your current times to see your name appear on the leaderboards. If you do not see your name change please try reinstalling the game, just make sure to log back in with social media in order to restore your progress.


ps. That’s our general support text ^^* I spotted your request and sniped it before our “President” @THR_Birdshaw managed to snag you and give you something silly like THR_Tomcatz :stuck_out_tongue:

pinned #721


@THR_Birdshaw and @THR_Platinawolf could I join THR. My name right now is Jackcook15. Could you change it to THR_Cook


Sure thing, President Birdshaw has given me permission to add everyone and their grandmother to the team :stuck_out_tongue: While THR has a lot of the developers of the game, it’s still @THR_Birdshaw’s team :stuck_out_tongue:


can I join this Team?
please, if I can, change my in-game name from iZharfan to THR_iZharfan Thank You!
@THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine @THR_Platinawolf