The official THR sign up thread


Its a system thing. It will keep your old name untill you beat your own current jam time. Otherwise it will update tomorrow with the new jam round


Damn, i set some good times this week!!! thanks though, appreciate it


Your times all stand. Just under your old name. Its fine


Thanks Branshaw!! I see it change inside the race but not on leaderboards - im sure it will update itself in time :slight_smile:


Can you add my best friend too. His name is Robrs83. Can you please change to THX_RobRS

thanks birdshaw


Can I join in??? I think Iā€™m fast enough for it. If I can, I wanna be called THR_Blu3



Can I join please? my ingame name is DERREZEDX but can you change it to THR_Banano. My time on brap is 14.7 secs lol


Would love to join,
Current name: RaiderRider89
new name : THR_Ski_Mask


Good to go :slight_smile:


Tanks :hugs:


Done. Welcome


Thanks dude!!


Could you re-up this??