The official THR sign up thread


Thanks for the unicorn @THR_Birdshaw!
And the magic number is… 152


@THR_Birdshaw , I would like to join. scott45333. THR_scott45333




Hi what’s the criteria for joining? I’m regular top 900 globally on the weekly released tracks


@THR_Birdshaw could you set me as THR_flynn


Oh man, the passing demands are steep! You need to be able to beat Braap in less than two minutes. But I trust ya. Im sure you can swing that. I’ll get you set up.


Your the best birdshaw! How do you change my name?


I’m an admin. You want to change your forum name aswell?


He has access to our internal tool which can change stuff in our database.
[edit: damn it birdshaw, you’re too fast!]


You’re good, kid. You’re real good. But as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best!



Yes please


@THR_Birdshaw How many people you got on the THR roster now? Lmao!


Around 155.

And all it took was low standards, generally being a dick to people, and a few bribes.


Hey Benjamin!

How did you get on? Manage to change it?



I did. Right away. You’ll have to improve your time for it to show on the boards tho


Your obviously having me on… :confused: my time on that track is 13 seconds


Could you change it in game too pls?


It is and has been for days


And yeah. The two minute requirement is a joke, But it applies to everyone. Its my way if saying we’re open.
When you improve your jam time you name will change on the boards


What jam time am i chasing? A ranking or?