The official THR sign up thread


Not even a single clue.




Send me a unicorn stuffed animal and I’ll roll up my roll up my sleeves and dig out the number from our database for you :wink:


You have an actual search engine on that tool? I really need that! The one gloot has is even case sensitive :man_facepalming:


He aint got the Tag miracle worker for nothing :smiley:


No we don’t actually :expressionless:
But I could extract all usernames from the database and search for it on my computer! It would only take an hour or so xD


What is an hour but a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.



Hey man can you chang my name to THR_daniel_mx47? My username is xxmolinax23xx look me up


Done. Welcome!

Joins us on Facebook on THR - Super Secret Public Page


Thank you so much I love it man and no problem just did and my name is Daniel Molina


Can I join THR if so can you change my name from xBRENDONx to THR_Baby_Dog thanks


Sure man.


Thanks man


Why THR does not have a girlfriend


if you wanna be THR u gotta be me doing 10 jagerbombs and subscribe to my channel


So you’re telling me you want to join THR?


Its these “you trying to be cool with alcohol” videos that made me unsubscribe :smiley:


WHAT u unsubribedddd, C’mon brother