The official THR sign up thread



That place needs blowing up!


Can I join THR


Lucky platypuses, there was no MSMX back in Noah’s time…


If your up for the challenge :grimacing:


I am up for it


Can you beat Braap in 2 minutes? :wink:


Yes i can


I would be more impressed if you couldnt. But Welcome. THR_Matijas5?


Yes that will work


What is your current username?



Can I join THR my game name is JHolcomb25


Be good n sure to earn urself some nice little tags to go under your username, usually involves partaking in sexual activities with dutchmans mom or reminding birdshaw that he looks like a maniac who would chase you 5miles with a chainsaw but would happily stop and pet every kitty on the way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: welcome dude​:metal::metal:


I love kitties


Sure. Join us on facebook at THR - super secret Public page aswell.


Hey bird could u update the roster at the top plz thanks, and I was wondering how I can change my name on the forums since I’m now part of THR, and I can’t find the fb page


I cant update the roster because I have no fucking clue who’s In or not. I can easily change your name inhere to Whatever you want. And you cant find it by seaching THR - super secret Public page ???


Haha alg then, could you change my name in here to THR_KX85, and I thought it was just THR, thanks


how many members yall got now?