The official THR sign up thread


You’re what’s odd



See that’s what I mean😂hahahaa Man U the best😅 look like a brat gone HA. Where’s your HD?


I have no idea what that means.


Lord give me strength :roll_eyes:
HD=Harley-Davidson the rest maybe you can figure out by yourself.


Sorry it’s Lacharlie5511 thanks​:+1::unicorn:


Via some super duper strange shit THR_charlie5511 is taken.


And do you remember letting this dude who has it taken in? :thinking: :joy: and can i get THR_Squid72




Can i get the whiner tag on your title changed to superduper granddaddy moron please. Cheers and can you add a taco to my supermoron seein as stollz gets a cake. :joy:


Took you long enough😀 I don’t even remember what you did to get the super, but I’m sure you deserved it.


I seen it a while ago. Haha but can i have the taco please. Serious…


And i honestly dont have a clue why either :joy:


:joy: what about THR_blipper ??


That one took. Come join us at THR - Super secret Public page on facebook.


Dude u put taco in the wrong place. :joy: at the end is where it goes. I swear youre not using your mod duties properly hahaha


I put it where it needed to go.


Alright. Thank you santabird. :metal:


Oh I’m not changing it. I put it where it would be funniest😀

Edit: Allright ya big baby. I’ll change it… eventually


Wooooooo. You legend. :beer::beer: