The official THR sign up thread


Cough cough cough THE O.G. THR_BOB


you love it


Who doesn’t love those unicorns???
:unicorn: XD


I would like to join THR


Interested in joining THR🎊my resume


Id say your resume is adequate :wink: the prez will get to you when hes not trolling 6 year olds online :joy::joy::unicorn::unicorn:


Idk man. These screenshots doesnt really prove that you can beat Braap in under two minutes…
Hmm ok. I’ll take a shot. THR_Illuminuggets is too long. 15 char limit. What do you want?


THR_Taconuggets sounds pretty darn snazzy. Or
THR_Illumitacos :joy::joy::joy:


No wonder why I can’t beat you in verus :joy:


THR_Nuggets is cool, thanks :rooster::poultry_leg:


Done. Welcome. Join us on facebook at THR - Super secret Public page.


Sure. With the tag your name is too long. What do you want.


KX85 plz birdshaw


In otherwords, THR_KX85 @THR_Birdshaw


Waddup bird, interested in how i would go about gettin one of those THR emblems, or avatars over mine :smile:


Are you talking about that little label in his profile picture?


The pink shit on the picture is a bit of an issue as the guy that did them quit.
The profile title on here I can do if you want.


Oh it’ll be fine I was talking bout that pink shit :slight_smile: thaaanks


What pink shit are yall talking about


If you can do something with that, it will help you.