The official THR sign up thread


Well my dad doesn’t like it either @THR_Birdshaw


He’s just pulling your leg as a way to welcome you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Birdman loves the swedes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who doesn’t :smiley:


I’m Fucking bitch slapping division 5! Lol


May i join please change my name from AugustD1 to THR_AugustD1


Hey, does someone want to hook me up?
Current IGN: ScoobyDoo572
New IGN: THR_SevenDuece
Thanks :kissing_heart:


I’ll send you a verus challenge, IGN is THR_SkyHacker14


Okay, dont see it yet


Just sent it


Beat ya! Lol :call_me_hand:


Hello?May i join


Hell yeah! @THR_Birdshaw is the guy you need :grinning: he doesn’t get paid for it though so that’s why it doesn’t always happen immediately :grinning:


@AugustD1 and @SevenDuece Welcome.
Join us on facebook at THR - Super secret Public page.

And as doucheburger up there says I’m not on the payroll, have had a lot of shit on my plate, and am a lazy motherfucker.


Haha hell yeah. Thanks bud, i already joined the facebook group


Yeah thanks man.


why does fuckin gerdes get to stay in the facebook page and not me fohhhh


Because @LesterWire is cool.


I’m not a traitor, I just went solo. :sunglasses:


Shots fired :joy::joy: