The official THR sign up thread


I have changed your in-game name. @THR_Birdshaw will get your forum name changed :+1:


@THR_Birdshaw still taking members? If so I would like to join. In-game name is RynScott


Sure. Join ud at THR - super secret Public page on Facebook.


Awesome thanks. Can I get a name change from RynScott to THR_PEPPER when you get a chance.




You the man! :+1:


I’m pretty sure THR will still be taking members, until turborilla HQ burn, all devs die, and there’s no more msmx or msbmx games… (pretty much in Doomsday)…

correct me Shaw if I’m wrong…


Not sure if we will keep THR in msmx3 though… Maybe we will do OTFL racing there right @OnTheFrontLine? :grinning: with everyone from the stream or something would be cool


We’re sort of like 7eleven. We aint always doing business, but we’re aaaaaaalways open.

Bonus points for identifying the quote without Google.


Perhaps :slight_smile:


7Eleven hhhmmm… Can I get a slurpee and a unicorn rider T-Shirt? Lol :joy:


Boondock Saints. Nice usage!


THANK YOU! Took you fuckers long enough!


@THR_Birdshaw Am I allowed to join please???


Sure, man. What is your ingame name?


Grahnen922 @THR_Birdshaw


Done. Join THR - super secret Public page on Facebook.

Edit. A fucking Swede?! GODDAMMIT!


@THR_Birdshaw Sure, and thanks :slight_smile:


@THR_Birdshaw Hell yeah but I dont like Lakrits :wink:


THAT’S EVEN WORSE! What kind of skandi doesnt like lakrids?! JESUS!