The official THR sign up thread




Yeah :ghost:


One of our demigods shall brief u when they can and fill u in on joining. @THR_Birdshaw is THR jesus. He foundeded the team


I remember reading it says write a 400 word letter to join but I just finished school essays before the end of this semester :joy:


I also wrote that the essay part was optional😀


Ok :ok_hand:


So how do I make the team ?


Tell me your username and I’ll set you up. If Youre on Facebook, come gang at THR - Super secret Public page for allround good times.


My in game name is NinjaCatGuy , can my forum name also be changed .


To THR_NinjaCatGuy?


Yes please


All done. Welcome.


May I please join??


Hell yeah! But only if you can finish braap (first career track) in under 2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: just say your ingame name and what you want the THR one to be


Allready added you. You are at 19k runs BTW.
Join us on Facebook at THR - super secret Public page.


Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook :frowning:


And also Birdshaw I hate to ask you for it but can I get a name change, cause I’ve been asking for one for several days, oh and btw I still wanna be on the THR team


No problem. What do you want? I get a little busy from time to time




Hi! I am interested to join?