The official THR sign up thread


What is your current username?


With the phone screen and controls upside down i meant to add :joy::joy:


I may or may not have just tried the track upside down :joy::joy::joy: even had to lay down my phone and use my index fingers cause of the damn screenrotation :joy: still managed to do it in like 15.9 sec within my first few tries :grinning::grinning::grinning: it’s not as hard as you’d expect because the track is so damn easy :grinning:


15 character max on the username. It will be THR_whateveryouchoosethatisunder15characterstotal


But how much fun did u have? :grin: i tried it on pure evil, its hillariously frustrating lmao


I would like it to stay, THR_Dax94, thank you very much


Good to go


Thank you!!


So can I join? :sunglasses:


Yeah just say your ingame name and what you want it to be


It’s jwelch121. Change it to THR_JW121


@THR_Birdshaw will do it for you :+1:




Awesome thanks!




your THR CellPhone


Hahahaha if only there was a pink unicorn version of that :joy::joy::joy:



But you can’t poke and rub that one :cry::joy::joy:


This shud be @THR_Dutchman phone :smiley: