The official THR sign up thread

How are you…
Waiting to join THR team.
Finish my challenge fast bro…

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All good bro, hell yeah THR is the best, right now dude.

You need to provide your current ingame name and what you wish your new name to be, just helps birdy find you and change your name faster.

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Day 7, number 1023547 on the waiting list, it seems…hahaha.
Keep it pinned!

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My in-game name is Ultron007 and want it to be THR_Ultron007.

Day 13.
Still no one can see me. Do they need roll offs?
Muddy conditions for sure!
Pin it to win it!
Potential THR_LaPistoni22… here’s hoping!

Can I Join THR Please If Im Good Enough

What are secret things and how to unlock it. Gmail-

@THR_Birdshaw are you able to change my name to THR_piinned ?

@THR_Birdshaw, do i have to write a 400 word application?

@THR_Birdshaw @THR_ELEMENT how do i join ffs😂

Bird Shaw will get your name changed when he can. Min requirement to join is beat Braap in under 2 minutes and declare that “Bird Shawshank redemption” is the GOAT track. :metal:

Hey man. Hope you’re well.
About three weeks waiting.
Shall I just be a little more patient?
All good.

Three? I did a round a week ago. I must have missed ya.

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That’s legendary!
From LaPistoni22 to THR_LaPistoni22?

Thanks for the quick response.

Hey @THR_Birdshaw. Its only been a couple days but do u think u could change my in game name today? From piinned to THR_piinned

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name
LP_SahdiMln_277 To THR_CrimeZz_277

@THR_Birdshaw WFO_ECKE

@THR_Birdshaw sooo I also requested to join thr about 3 weeks ago and my name hasnt been changed either. Could you do something about it please.

@THR_Birdshaw can you please change my name from Assasin3312 to THR_Toastedbeef

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