The official THR sign up thread

Hola quisiera ser THR_santy_arg

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Hey, I would love to join THR!
In-game username: Manu Fernandes
If i join I would like to get “THR_Manu” as my new name

(I´m division 7 because once i got division 1 i stopped playing “hardcore” as I accomplished my goals)!

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I would like to join. Have been playing for 3 to 4 years, my ingame name is mtrracer. I started playing more this year and would really be happy to join. :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Hola me podria unir a THR?
me llamo: aniquilado

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I would love to join thr I am top 2% right now in jam

My name is TM_EnduroRacing and i wish to join THR. BTW SINCE MY NAME WILL BE TO LONG WITH THR ADDED JUST MAKE IT THR_MadBull

Thanks A lot

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why are you going?

im to good :slight_smile:

OK Good :+1:
This is something else, when you are so good.
Yes, then you should go.

Thank you for the participation of the team.
And good luck in the new team. :four_leaf_clover:

TM_Team Academy. ™ :shushing_face: :100:
If you want to get better, choose TM_ Team first.

We have the drivers in the following teams.
as …
THR, LP and WFO.

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Am I good enough to please join THR?
Thank you.
I am LaPistoni22(the piston).

IDK man… can you finish Braap in under two minutes? If so, yes, you are fast enough.

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Hahaha…with a little help from rockets, I could just break the 2min mark…

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May I ask, will I have the infamous THR handle attached to LaPistoni22?

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@THR_Birdshaw i just finished braap in under two minutes. It was a long and soul destroying project but I made it!!! So now I would like to ask for the wonderful letters THR in front of my name.
(my ingame name is TM_Racer could you change it to THR_justexisting


Some like to jump from team to Team
What it looks like, Dat is jammer


Ek is nie jammer nie. Ek will net op n team wees.
Help me somebody!!

Ik kan je helpen, wen je Wensen in mijn TM-Team Kom en

Ja, as ek welkom is.
I will appreciate that, dankie!!

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Nederland is bij ons