The official THR sign up thread

:joy::joy::joy: sounds good! thanks man!

Birdturd was waaaaasted on stream Haha


I saw a little of it but fell asleep lol

Fuck you Taco!
And welcome @Surflexx
Ive added a THR tag to your name.

sick! thank you!
Do i change my in game name? or do you have to do that?

in game name is HR160

Oh goddammit! I thought it was surflexx. Now that idiot is in THR.

Well… fixed it.

You can join us on facebook at THR - Super Secret Public Page

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shit sorry, should have said something ahead of time :joy:
thanks man!

What a moron. :joy::joy:

I would like to join!

Yeah for sure

Thaks a lot!!
How do I change my profile pic to have the logo on it?

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How could I change my name


That’s how it works
Copy picture to picture.

In zwitter / Facebook picture change.
Then log in with these.

Hola quisiera ser THR_santy_arg


Hey, I would love to join THR!
In-game username: Manu Fernandes
If i join I would like to get “THR_Manu” as my new name

(I´m division 7 because once i got division 1 i stopped playing “hardcore” as I accomplished my goals)!

I would like to join. Have been playing for 3 to 4 years, my ingame name is mtrracer. I started playing more this year and would really be happy to join. :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Hola me podria unir a THR?
me llamo: aniquilado

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I would love to join thr I am top 2% right now in jam