The OFFICIAL TCR discussion


Since the worlds leading Mad Skills Motocross 2 team is getting better and better, and are highly represented on the forum - what better than to have a separate thread where we can discussion everything TCR related? :slight_smile:

Take it away men!
@SolyOne @TCR_brandon_CA @Zachari_Elmes @TCR_Elvis_PR @TCR_DJAuzzi_CA @LesterWire @Steve-ox @svendsgard

The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!

Well, well, well. I guess we found out what the C in TCR stands for. Team Cheat Racing.




Who has control of your team? Lance Armstrong?


6k…not today



Thats a strong line up for real, with Svendsgard as number 1


what, thats it… i mean all of the players up there are real badass no argument there. But i was under the impression that TCR team covered more or less 97.736 % of MSMX entire community, it’s just like a new TCR babies are popping just about every other hour nowadays :smile:


No TCR_bell_mi?? He is always up at the top of my states leader board .


Bell left and there are a few imposters @JamesA


haha i was just pointing to the fact that there are many more players with TCR than what is on the list, i have nothing but the utmost respect for TCR man :smile:


That’s why i post the real TCR list… any other out there with tcr nick are just Fans!!!:joy::joy::joy: and Not in our private page and chat room!:sunglasses:


What of ZSE?


Whats TCR stand for anyway… TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP RACING oops almost forgot to add the smilie :poop:


Jajajajaja :joy::joy: I understand your feelings… you wont never fit in this team​:sob::sob:… jajaja


What? Y’all got a chat room? No freaking way :sunglasses:


I’m glad… I can’t even understand you! :hand_splayed:


Si quieres te puedo hablar en español para que entiendas mejor!! :sunglasses: hehehe…


okay this makes sense now :smiley: :+1:


Jam Week #143 :sunglasses: