The official TABBRUCIU TEAM sign in thread

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Am I wrong​:thinking::thinking:?.. but i see there one guy join two teams… :thinking:…

@Tim_Flaherty aka Bowski is a member of THR.

I spelled the teams name correct for you. Its right there in their pictures so I dont know how you managed to get it wrong man :smile:

Do we have some representation from this team on the forum?

Ok so is one guy join two different teams… he represent two different teams at same time!!! Hahahaha… Awesome!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

We traded him for pizza and olive oils :slight_smile:



We need to get @TCR_Elvis_PR and investigators badge right away! :cop:


Haha!:scream: Why…?

VIRGIN Olive Oils Kip, We don’t waste our time with tainted Olive Oils… :innocent:

Of coures Olive Oil is tainted. She runs around with Bluto and she is Popeye’s girl…
Dirty girl!