The OFFICIAL September Track Pack Discussion


September track pack is here. Stop playing jam and get on these awesome new tracks.

Which do you love? Which are giving you hell? Brag, complain, praise, whine, anything you want to do, do it here. :sunglasses:

Here is the list of people to blame for your troubles.

Piece of Cake - @JoeW723
Trip - @JoeW723
Random Rhythms - @OnTheFrontLine
Drifting - @rcboxer
Horsemen - @mx.phreek
With Rice - @LesterWire
Circle of Life - @OnTheFrontLine
Hostage - @JoeW723
2 Much 2 Handle - @JoeW723
Called in Sick - @JoeW723
Eclipse - @JoeW723
All The Gear… No Idea - @mx.phreek




I have faith that everyone’s grinding and not worried about a discussion thread at the moment. :joy:


Havnt played yet But thx for the call outs :joy::joy:


I don’t have any fast times in. But Trip is fun 3 lapper!!

Lots of fun tracks in this pack :wink:




Dude ur awesome.