The official RED BULL STRAIGHT RHYTHM 2016 discussion (Jam week #140)

Finally made it over the (sixfootseven) WALL clean(ish) previous runs i have been bouncing off the top. But then i go and throw it away by losing rhythem at the end and ending up with a average run


Thats how it always is. Unless you’re not 6 ft 7 :slight_smile:

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Graceless has some awesome flow to it when you can nail it down right, Just pissed I wasted most of my time on a not so fast line in the beginning. Got my time down in the 43’s with a non-factory ride… So im pretty stoked on that so far!! Good luck to the rest of my privateer brothers out there grindin this week!! :sunglasses:



that’s awesome man, it really feels good to nail it. Congrats :punch:

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Yeah I read them all hah I don’t know why you didn’t like 237 though I drew it up and Joe designed it. I thought it turned out awesome and everyone else seemed to like it.

I enjoyed it, but it was definitely a PITA to nail a nice run on.


Everyone? No way man. Tonnes of ppl ranted about it. As I explained in my long ass post in the jam thread it had it’s virtues, but the insane difficulty and randomnes made it almost unplayable.

I actually rather enjoyed you last track due to it’s interesting start, but the whoops were too random for me. Your current one is fast, fun, has a crapload of lines and rather mellow whoops. THAT’S a winner in my book.


(Everyone I talked to) better? It’s impossible to please everyone. And ya I didn’t like the end of it really either but I made it like 8 weeks before it got released so I kinda forgot about it. But I’m glad you like graceless :+1:t2:


Don’t worry @Nolan_Beyer even if @Birdshaw loved he would still complain, he has to live up to his title as whiner! Haha


Classic :joy:

I HATE Exit237. Worst I have played. Out of 2000 attempts, I crossed the finish line 4 times.


But good enough to play two thousand times? Lol


Lol, funny you. I was actually struggling to remain in Division 1.

I’m in division 10 and only did 800 attempts and seemed to do okay.

Yes, you’re good. It’s a track the highly skilled players enjoy maybe.

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Please, delete all I follow. I followed a whole lot as a beginner and I guess they’re more than 200. I want to be adding manually. Thanks for your understanding.

*annoying enough
You gotta do what you gotta do to keep your division.


Not true. I whine a lot and I’m proud of it, but I give credit where it’s due.