The official RED BULL STRAIGHT RHYTHM 2016 discussion (Jam week #140)


It’s been a year, and now its finally time again to get the rhytm straight! :smile:

@JoeW723 designed the Red Bull track, and @Nolan_Beyer made this weeks second track called Graceless.

Bottle up and get out there guys! Good luck :slight_smile:


For comparison


tracks this week are sick :ok_hand:, however after playing the first one i think there should be a winter tires upgrade cause my bike is sliding like CrAzY :relaxed:!!


Yeah those speed checks are no joke, gotta get the braking just right to get over em fast. Both tracks are kick ass once again this week, always pumped for the MSM straight rhythm!


Both tracks this week are super fun and challenging. Nice work!


Let the screenshot fest begin :smile: :boom:


Not doin too hot quite yet. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:




Finally got out of the whoops right on graceless and completely screwed up the end of the run. Haha


man it happened to me more than 10 times, i almost broke my phone out of frustration after i screwed it up in the link above :smile:

finally i managed to pull it off :champagne:
keep at it and i am sure you’ll succeed :slight_smile:


I got a decent one with a few cases at the end, but I’m definitely gonna need to clean it up.

I keep getting solid starts on rhythm, but I get excited the run’s going smooth and next thing I know I’m flying straight up off a brake check. :joy:


Like sand through the :hourglass_flowing_sand: so are the Days of are MSMX2 lives :joy:


No prizes to be won? Or no sponsors? :smirk:


Thats mighty worthy of a phone toss right there @LesterWire


The top 2 times on RBSR are insane. When making the track I kinda thought the line sixfootseven is taking could be possible, but wan’t sure. Pretty insane that he pulled it off.


That he nails it doesn’t surprise me at all. What’s insane is that he nails it almost instantly. He just sees a line and goes: “Imma do dat shit”, and just does it.

On another note some raryties have happened allready. @JoeW723 has made a whoopy track that I won’t even complain about and Nolan has for the first time made a track I actually like :scream:


I’be been trying to skip that first brake check all day and I GOT CLOSE once. I woke up this morning and he’d already done it. It’s infuriating. :joy:


So happy to get your approval :joy:


Ehmagerd Im so pissed, had such a good run going on nolans track, nailed the rythm, hit the long jumps and scrubbed onto the plateu and got the drive through the dragon back to clear the next section, only thing left was to take the checkers and my F#@€¥ng phone decides to FREEZE and I had to hard reset it :@
Happened last night and I am still pissed off :smile:


Well you would be if you had read my previous ramblings about your tracks :slight_smile:

Give this thread a read if you will

And I actually go on and on. I REGRET NOTHING! :smile: