The OFFICIAL october track pack discussion

The monthly trackpacks are now a thing! And a great thing at that.
How do you like the tracks? Are you the best in the world at them? Do you think @JoeW723 is a sociopath for creating “Pure Evil”?
Ready, set, DISCUSS!

Hmmm. I have heard this Pure Evil so much. Lemme go see 'em. Alright, I updated my app now, only that pack costs money.

I think the first taste is free if you sign up.

nice update!! Can’t wait for Christmas one!! :+1::joy::joy:… hehehe…

Mr. torture is one of my top 3 favorite tracks in the game.

Pure evil is bullshit and I will not be grinding for a faster time. :joy:

I believe Joe was asked by Gumbler to make it for cash play.

Pure evil?

Yeah. It was called whoops at that point.

why would they want that? I feel like less people would play.

Perhaps it sells a lot of retries. But Idk. I don’t do cash games and I don’t deal with gumbler.

This almost makes me want to go try them out. Hey maybe @OnTheFrontLine can do giveaways on track packs during streams as well?

If they give me the go ahead I will do it :thumbsup: @JoeW723

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It was very popular in the cash challenge. The top guys loved it.

For everyones reference I’ll be posting who made each track every month. Here is the breakdown for October.

Jason Chases - @rcboxer
Skellington - @mx.phreek
The Wraith - @OnTheFrontLine
Tower of Terror - @OnTheFrontLine
Ghost Rider - Joe
Zombie Island - Joe
Haunted Hill - Joe
Elm Street - Joe
Mr Torture - @rcboxer
Bad Pumpkin - Joe
Mean Machine - @allynbencen
Pure Evil - Joe

Yep, that just about sums it up haha[quote=“JoeW723, post:13, topic:1003”]
Pure Evil - Joe

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I’m having more trouble acing 3 laps of Elm Street than I had with Pure Evil.

I have to say my favorites are 1,2,3,4,9, and 11:-D


Hahaha @Birdshaw you are ridiculous

That one is pretty tough to nail every lap. Those little bumps can really mess you up in the beginning.



Lol @Birdshaw must be drunk or something, saying he doesn’t mind mine lol. Even if it is a tame version :joy:

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Oh yeah. Missed that one. My bad.