The OFFICIAL November Track Pack Discussion

The november track pack is here! (Yes I forgot to make the thread, shut up!)
Which tracks are awesome, which are busting your balls, and which do you own AF?

I’ve added a picture of @Kipketer, just to get the ball rolling.

Here is the breakdown of each track with the designer:

Easy Going - @JoeW723
Bubble Bubble - @OnTheFrontLine
Nomad - @JoeW723
Ounce of Pain - @allynbencen
Clean Pinch - @OnTheFrontLine
Slacking - @yzbeast622
Sunburn - @allynbencen
4 Story Start - @JoeW723
Doomed - @allynbencen
Minor Threat - @OnTheFrontLine
Come On! - @JoeW723
Tio - @JoeW723


Obligatory “about time” comment. :smirk:

It’s about time for you to shut it!

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I had to get it out of the way. :joy:

And now that I have, I absolutely love doomed. One of my favorite tracks in the whole game. Do you have the list of people who made the tracks? I’d like to personally thank the creator. :grin:

Let’s ask @JoeW723

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I know Clean Pinch is @OnTheFrontLine because I came up with the semi inappropriate name. :slight_smile:

I thought it had a particular Bencenator feel to it, so I went ahead and asked @allynbencen, and sure enough he made it.

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I was honestly thinking the same thing. :joy::joy:

Thanks, @allynbencen . Your tracks are awesome.

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I’ll post the rest of the line up with each designer later.

Original post has been edited to include the designers of each track.

Obligatory I like 2,4,5,6,7, 9 and 10.
Tio! Oh my god, Tio! Fun, but infuriating!

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Can we have the December track pack thread please?

@THR_Birdshaw @Kipketer

Thats one of the few things Birdshaw is in charge of around here.

And as you all can see, HE IS DOING GREAT :smile:

I actually didnt do it bc it seemed insensitive to the native aborigenies. Aside from that Venus has been in retrograde all month which has caused issues with the Discourse servers.
Or I forgot.
But come on! Its only a few (550) hours late.
I’ll do it when my kids are sleeping:)