The OFFICIAL name request thread




Hey can you change my name from bapemask to TN_Jup @THR_Birdshaw ?


XR_KingCross812 a XD_Darlin
adnel809 a XD_ADNEL210


I need proof from the other guys to change their names.



i Need my name changed from BMX-Woko to Goldz_Woko

And I need Dan_YT98 to Goldz_Danny


Here is the proof


Hey birdshaw I need my name like my other clan member with the under score I know it’s not a big deal but please can you change my name from Goldz-Woko to Goldz_Woko plz and thank you


Hey can you change me(iTravey)and my buddy Mattyboy48 to 2EZ_iTravey and 2EZ_Mattyboy48


I actually did change it once before. Lets hope this one sticks


Thanks @THR_Birdshaw
You the man


@THR_Birdshaw Also my buddy Dubbers would like to join us could you change his to 2EZ_Dubbers



Think I got them all


@THR_Birdshaw could you change my name from blindsith to coltenna




Thanks for being a good part of this awesome community :slight_smile:


I need hansamdad name change from hansamdad to Goldz_hansamdad thanks


@THR_Birdshaw could you change my name from BMXnine18 to cooper_918. Thanks