The OFFICIAL name request thread


@THR_Birdshaw can you still change my name from THR_ZAY to THR_BMX_PARK




Hi I’m still going to be apart of THR I’m just gonna take the THR out so can I change my name from THR_Woko To Bmx_Woko please and thank you


Can you please change my name from Durry_Muncher to Max Jones




That name is taken


Ummm. What about MaxJones18




Can you change my name too? I have name in game BBoyMacPL, but i would like to change it as rrrekrut




Change my name account from mendoza_wr30 to THR_aseng71. Not nickname in game, but name in this account.


I wanted max not mac


You wrote with Mac :rofl:i’m sure bird will have it done soon.


THC_LOUIS To Louis_21


I’ll need some sort of confirmation from the other two to change their names


I’m so sry birdshaw but on my name it’s BMX_Woko and I wanted it as Bmx-Woko Thank you and I’m sorry I just realized that I put Bmx_Woko but can you stil Chang it to Bmx-Woko plz and thank you




Thank you so much


Could you change mine to Max_Jones18


From what