The OFFICIAL name request thread


That name is already taken😕


Its done.


Hello, first time using this forum so hopefully I’m not doing this wrong
Could I have my name changed ingame from Mfizzle87 to Stratomaster1 ?




My name is still Mfizzle87 ingame except on the leaderboards & profile, will it just take a bit to load on the rest?


Can you change my username to d-eggroll and my original name is DiegoC28


They will update when you improve




Can you change my name from DDRR_Capnjazzer to DDRR_theHECKSTER


Please and thanks


Hello @THR_Birdshaw , could I please change my name from Bionic-Smell to Broprah_Winfrey? Thanks.


Great name, but too long


Dah! Okay, if it makes a difference, please remove the dash and just mash the two words together. If that doesn’t work, then please just use “Broprah”.



Please change my name account in this forum to THR_aseng71. Thank’s @THR_Birdshaw


I’d like to change my name from xzrBlade to TrigoN3. ZeroCry would be also cool to use but I like TrigoN3 more :slight_smile: I played msm2 2-3 years ago and put the name xzrBlade, now I’m playing it again after a long break and I would like to get a fresh name. Thank you @THR_Birdshaw


Hi @THR_Birdshaw please can you change my name to THR_JuicyJay1






Can you change my name on both msmx 2 and bmx2 from THR_Baby_Dog to THR_Woko